ACE Master Chef (Taught by Ace Enrichment) (Westland) Attention all chefs, culinary artists and food-lovers! Welcome to ACE Master Chef, where we perfectly pair hands on skills in our kid-friendly kitchens, with delicious edible education. Join us in learning the importance of flavors, nutrition, preparation and the presentation of all sorts of different tasty creations. Every day we will create a new recipe, exploring not only how to make it, but the importance of every ingredient and the steps to produce a great dish. From math to science, geography to culture, we will explore all the richness that comes with what has brought people together since the beginning of time — Great food! *This is a nut free class.

ACE Tasting Kitchen (Taught by Ace Enrichment) (Westland) What goes great with fresh pineapple? How about coconut? Maybe a little lime? Did you know bananas are actually in the berry family and originated in Australia?! Welcome to ACE Tasting Kitchen, where we will not only learn about all sorts of different foods, ingredients and where they are from, but also how to become masters in the kitchen! And what better way to learn, than to see, work with and taste all the ingredients and recipes for yourself?! So, grab your appetite and join us for some good nutritious fun in the ACE Tasting Kitchen! *This is a nut free class.

Acrobonanza! (Katy Cryns) (CCS/Westland) Ever wanted to be in the circus? In Acrobonanza, students will work on basic acrobatics, from dive rolls over partners and walking on hands, to building a human pyramid and balancing upside down on stools! Come one, come all, but don’t forget to pack your bravery as we embark on a fun-filled acro-adventure that will make you flip! (Beginning-advanced gymnastics levels welcome!)

Advanced Chess (Brian Julian) (CCS/Westland) In this class for more experienced players we will be taking Chess education to a higher level. We’ll begin with a lightning fast review of the rules of the game but quickly move beyond that to dive into Chess strategy, technique and style! And there will something challenging for all involved. The class will be fun and upbeat and will include gameplay, puzzles, technology, and group activities. *All students should be confident in the basic rules of Chess. This is a perfect follow up class for any children who previously attended Beginners Chess*

Advanced Magic (David Neubauer) (CCS/Westland) For the students who have taken Magic Secrets already, this advanced magic course has more challenging effects that produce stronger reactions. This class will have a refresher on the effects from last summer along with new hard hitting magic effects including “Ten Cards Away”, “Professor Nightmare’s Rope Routine”, “Calendar Cards” and more! Taught by Magic Castle Magician David Neubauer (

Advanced Sewing (Irena West) (CCS) Do you know how to sew and want to learn more? Continue building your skills in this class. We will practice sketching, cutting, pinning and using sewing machine. Examples of the projects we will create: simple skirt, vest or poncho.

Advanced Woodworking (Rick Goodwell) (CCS/Westland) Children who are interesting in this class DO NOT have to take the Woodworking class first. It is more about confidence than experience. Certainly, if one has had woodworking before and was comfortable or has had experience sawing, measuring and driving nails, this is the class to be in. Advanced Woodworking will be making long and precise cuts, drilling their own holes and will cut and chisel their own dados and rabbits. As always students will be learning how to measure accurately and use squares to make right angles. This summer we will plan to make 2 or more small projects during each session. There will be lots of nailing, gluing, sawing, sanding and painting.

Adventures in the Kitchen! (Kathy Clements) (CCS) Let’s have some fun in the kitchen- campers get hands on experience cooking, baking experimenting and TASTING! We’ll be making a variety of different foods that will be ready to try each day! At the end of the session campers will receive all the recipes that we made together to take home to recreate!

*This is a nut free class, however some ingredients used may be processed on shared facilities. If meat is being used (no pork) there will always be a vegetarian option available. This class is NOT recommended for children with ANY food allergies or dietary restrictions beyond vegetarian.

African and Latin Drumming Ensemble (Mike Enriquez) (CCS/Westland) This summer we are back at it, and we will be taking our drumming to the next level as we play three styles that come from three different regions: Africa, Cuba, and Brazil. We will play popular beats from each region (including Bembé, Samba, and Salsa), learn about the instruments used, listen to recordings of influential artists, try out a bit of local dance, and learn little bit about the culture of each place. Most of all, we’re going to have a great time playing music together as we create a fun and exciting percussion performance that you will get to share at open house. If you have experience playing in a percussion ensemble, this class will expand your rhythmic knowledge and continue to build on your skills. No experience is required, there’s a place for everyone in our ensemble.

African Drumming Ensemble (Mike Enriquez) (CCS/Westland) Build on your musical skills and explore the sounds and rhythms of Africa! Did you know that all drumming comes originally from Africa? We will learn about the instruments used, find out about the culture there, listen and dance to exciting African drumming, play fun music games, and of course play together to create some awesome music that we can share at open house. If you already have experience, this ensemble will introduce you to sounds and styles that you won’t learn in an ordinary music class. No experience is required, there’s a place for everyone in our ensemble.

Art: In Space (Bayley Wilson) (CCS) Let’s jet off to the solar system! This class will explore the depths of outer space using our artistic minds! We will be making collages, paper plate UFO’s, marshmallow constellations, mason jar galaxies and more! The class will culminate with a full-fledged space exploration, where students will display all their intergalactic travels. Let’s have fun doing art…in space!

Basketball (Rafe Goodwell) (CCS) Campers will learn the fundamentals of the game through various drills. There will be new drills every week focusing on dribbling, passing and shooting. The goal of this class is to teach the fundamentals of the game while also stressing teamwork, sportsmanship, enthusiasm and the benefits of having a positive attitude. Dribbling, passing, shooting, and other basketball concepts will be taught in this class for students of all skill levels.

Beginner Chess (Brian Julian) (CCS/Westland) Welcome to the Game of Kings and Queens! The old saying goes, “Chess is the game of Kings (and Queens)”, and in this class, we’ll find out why. Chess subtly teaches children all the qualities of a noble king or queen: Perseverance, Nobility, Kindness, Benevolence, Responsibility, problem solving, confidence, sportsmanship, planning, patience, social skills, critical thinking, imagination and more. And if that weren’t enough it’s also super awesome fun! In this class, we’ll start at the beginning to discover all the different characters(pieces) of Chess and background information about who they are and where they come from. Then its onto how they move on the board and the rest of the dynamic rules of this 2000-year-old Game of Kings!

Breakdancing (Rebecca Rogers) (CCS) The original Hip Hop dance! This class incorporates intricate body movements, strong acrobatic moves, coordination, and style. Students will be led through freezes, footwork, and top rock. Now who’s ready to do some backspins?!

Cardboard Construction (Heidi Ware) (Westland) Get your hard-hats and recyclables ready for this construction class! Campers will craft blueprints for their unique designs and will have all sorts and sizes of repurposed cardboard at their disposal. We will create a wonderland of mega cardboard creations!

Cardboard Minis (Heidi Ware) (Westland) Our cardboard favorites have shrunk! Creators will get detailed with this minis class, designed to bring out the meticulous components of an entire tiny world. Students generate design topics and ultimately bring their own ideas to life.

Ceramics (Seth Drenner) (CCS) Become comfortable working with clay through relaxing and fun hand building techniques – pinch, coil, and slab. Personalize your creations with a variety of glazing colors and techniques for texture and color mixing. A minimum of 3 projects can be expected.

Ceramics-Ages 5-7 (Susan Simon) (Westland) This class we will make sea creatures, dragons, and farm animals. We will hand build pots, coil and slab and make animals out of coil posts. We will focus on construction and foundation. I will show them how to make a cup with a handle using slip and the rolling technique.

Ceramics-Ages 7-11 (Susan Simon) (Westland) In this class they can work in groups making their own unique creations using the hand building lessons. They will use ceramic tools and we will focus on glazing and stains for designs. We will make coil pots and cups, and animals but we will make also lids and feet, on the cups and pots. We will focus on building pieces that don’t explode and making the proper holes and not adding on a bunch of clay, and we will make rolling stamps for their textured slab pots.

Chess in the Age of Technology (Brian Julian) (CCS/Westland) Kids love technology; from the iPad to the Xbox to whatever thing is next, they can’t stop smudging the screen with their little kid fingers! In this class, we will put technology in the hands of good by using it to enhance and further something that exists in the real world; Chess education. Each week will explore a different kind of technology to help the students understand the game better. From the 1970s Chess Challenger to apps to self-moving magnetic pieces and everything in between, this class is sure to be “liked” by all! *All students should be confident in the basic rules of Chess. This is a perfect follow up class for any children who previously attended Beginners Chess and/or Chess 2.0. *

Collage (Larry Ashton) (Westland) It’s almost like drawing with scissors! Rather than focusing on a pencil to create a picture, we will compose art (realistic and abstract, serious and funny) by cutting and gluing shapes (cut or torn) from a variety of papers (repurposed magazines, construction paper, patterned design papers) to make our collage art.

Contemporary Dance/Choreography (Dalida Haytayan) (Westland) Participants in Contemporary Dance/Choreography classes will receive training by combining different genres of dance such as ballet, jazz and contemporary. Students will learn the basics of rhythm through movement, participate in problem solving, develop performance skills, and create their own choreographed sequences. Their unique productions will be showcased at the end of each session.

Creative Movement (Dalida Haytayan) (Westland) These classes are a joyful experience for children to explore movement through music, develop physical skills, channel energy, stimulate imagination and promote creativity. Creative movement uses body actions to communicate imagery (the wind), communicate ideas (a journey) or communicate feelings (strength). Creative Movement provides children with opportunities for noncompetitive, success-oriented, and creative experiences. Through movement, children learn about their bodies, the space around them, and each other.

CRAFT-astic (Kathy Clements) (CCS) A place to get your creative juices flowing. We’ll be working on a variety of different projects using all sorts of materials. We’ll be making things like sun catchers, silly putty/slime and tie dyeing!!! This is a great class for all levels!

Drawing (Larry Ashton) (CCS/Westland) Using a variety of dry mediums (pencils, colored pencils, crayons, oil pastels and markers), we will explore different techniques in drawing. Some drawings will be from observing real life, others will be from our imaginations. We will draw in a range of styles from abstract/graphic to realistic. Subject matter will include portrait, self-portrait, landscape and illustration (using drawing to tell a story).

Drumming (Aaron Williams) (CCS) In this class, students will play drums and learn about great drummers! We will practice various drum warmups, rudiments, cadences, and solos. We will also play real snare drums and bass drums in class, as well as take a brief look at the drumset. Drum pads and drumsticks will be provided.

Flag Football (Rafe Goodwell) (CCS) Flag football class will concentrate on throwing, catching, offensive and defensive concepts, and team work. Participants work through skill drills, game play, and other fun team challenges. We will also work on individual skill development. Flag football is a non-contact sport and will be taught and played/managed in this manner.

Garage Band (Aaron Williams) (CCS) Students will play guitar, bass, drums, percussion, piano, and sing in a band. We will explore great songs and learn to play the parts ourselves! This will culminate in a live performance for our friends & family.

Go Radio! (Jesse Mackay) (CCS/Westland) Travel through the microphone to the thrilling days of Radio Drama! Students will work on 1940’s style radio shows by doing their own voiced characters and live sound effects, as well as work on making soundscapes and writing their own radio commercials. Each student will receive a flash drive containing their work to listen to their heart’s content!

Hand Sewing (Dalida Haytayan) (Westland) In this introductory class, we’ll have fun learning basic hand stitches and techniques. Sewing’s multitude of choices—color selection, fabric options, design, and proportion—help stimulate creative thinking skills. Completing a project fosters a sense of accomplishment. Hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills develop through the use of the hands. Exercises in following directions along with problem solving skills are all added benefits of sewing experiences for children.

Hip Hop (Rebecca Rogers) (CCS) This class serves as an introduction to hip hop dance for younger students incorporating a variety of old and new urban dance styles. Using games and music, the class focuses on rhythm, musicality, basic footwork with and introduction to breakdancing. This is a fun update class to get the kids moving!

Hip Hop 1 (Katy Cryns) (CCS/Westland) Ready, set, Dance! Hip Hop 1 offers the younger crowd a beginner’s guide to hip hop dance. Students will build strength and coordination through basic floor exercises, partner work, and freestyling. Each class will have a warm-up, skill work, and a combination. Combinations taught in class will culminate in a performance routine that will be incredible!

Hip Hop 2 (Katy Cryns) (CCS/Westland) Hip Hop 2 provides a high-energy environment for students to learn intermediate hip hop steps and combinations, including simple breakdancing, freestyling, and prop-use. This fun class is set to music that is appropriate and hip and will culminate in a fierce routine sure to wow the crowd.

In Plein Air: Let’s Draw Outside! (Bayley Wilson) (CCS) “Plein Air”, in the 19th century focused on painting outdoors, in the “open air”. Students will practice the Plein Air sketching process on the CCS Campus, which will then move to canvas for acrylic paintings. We will display all of our marvelous works at the end of the session in a 19th century French Salon Style art show!

Inventor’s Workshop (Heidi Ware) (Westland) Ever noticed a problem that you wish there was an easy fix for? Then this class is perfect for you! Inventors will create their own prototypes of mechanisms they design to help someone, or something that simply fun. Using recyclables and tinkering products, creators will brainstorm what they want to build and will bring them to life!

Just Desserts… (Kathy Clements) (CCS) Yep!!! Desserts… JUST DESSERTS!!!! We’ll be making a variety of different desserts- some new and some old-time favorites! And of course, we’ll be tasting what we make each time (YUM!). At the end of the session, each camper will receive copies of the desserts that we’ve made to recreate at home!

*This is a nut free class, however some ingredients used may be processed on shared facilities. This class is NOT recommended for children with ANY food allergies or dietary restrictions beyond vegetarian.

Kara Walker and Silhouette Painting (Bayley Wilson) (CCS) Kara Walker was a very influential and revolutionary artist. Students will learn and explore her work which focuses on silhouette drawings to create stories and/or a non-verbal artistic narrative. Using black paper, paint and pencil we will create our own visual narratives using the Kara Walker-inspired silhouette style art process.

Learning from Van Gogh (Bayley Wilson) (CCS) Van Gogh inspired many with his simplicity and bold colors. In this class the students will explore the incredible multidisciplinary talents that Van Gogh had to offer. We will be working on art ranging from painting to sculpture, that will explore his style, motive and intentions of the works he created. The students will come out of this class understanding not only the technique of Van Gogh, but the intention behind it.

Level 1 Breaking (Katy Cryns) (CCS/Westland) B-boys and B-girls have to start somewhere! In this class, students will learn the basics of break dancing, locking, and choreography. Hip hop freezes, spins, and funky leg work are just a few of the exercises students will work on as they prepare a fascinating breaking finale that will be anything but bad.

Mad Science (Taught by Mad Science of Los Angeles) Looking to spark imaginative learning this summer? Mad Science is the perfect class for curious, adventurous minds! During our workshops, children engage in exciting hands-on activities, watch amazing demonstrations, develop their own hypotheses and get to take home fun and educational projects like their own Mad Science slime, drag racer, and others! Kids learn AND have fun exploring a wide variety of topics such as chemistry, Detective Science, Dry Ice and so much more! Sign up today!

Magic 101 (David Neubauer) (CCS/Westland) Each of our younger campers taking Magic 101 this summer will be given their very own “Bag of Tricks” to bring to each class. This class will teach basics of magic and performance. New effects this year will include “Linking Paper Clips”, “Jumping Bands”, card effects and more! This class is great at getting the young magicians to become used to performing in front of their classmates and they’ll gain confidence in themselves and their magic. Taught by Magic Castle Magician David Neubauer (

Magic Secrets (David Neubauer) (CCS/Westland) Calling all Magicians! This summer’s NEW magic includes “The Quarter Fold”, “The Magic Puzzle”, “Card Buddies”, “Spiked Coin”, how to make Balloon Animals and more! The Magic Secrets class will help develop their own presentational skills, interacting with others and of course this will help in gaining self-confidence. Taught by Magic Castle Magician David Neubauer (

Making a Music Video (Aaron Williams) (CCS) We will make our very own music video from scratch! We will compose music, write lyrics, choreograph a dance, whatever we decide. Our imagination is our only limit! We will record music, film, mix, and edit video together during class. We will premiere our video during the ending share. No experience required, and all instruments, software, and hardware will be provided.

Mixed Media & POP! Art (Bayley Wilson) (CCS/Westland) Exploring iconic pop artists such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, students will not only learn about these artists but create their own works inspired by them. We will be using mixed media ranging from paint to pencil while learning about why these new styles were important to the time. It will be a bold, colorful and very exciting exploration into all things POP!

Music Production (Mike Enriquez) (Westland) Make electronic music! We will learn the basics of how to create music like EDM, Hip Hop, Dubstep, and Ambient using 6 different drum machines and synthesizers called Pocket Operators (check them out on YouTube). We will also operate our own mobile recording studio where we will record instruments live with microphones and use them to create our own music on the iPad in GarageBand. We will explore some analog sound effects including tape delay, tape loops, distortion and saturation and use those in our music also. If you have an iPad or an iPhone, you already have GarageBand, and this class will teach you how to start making your own music. At the end of the class we will present our music at open house and you can get a copy to take home!

Painting (Larry Ashton) (CCS/Westland) In this class, we will experiment using various paints (watercolor, colored pencils that turn into watercolor when wet, tempera paint, with different size/shaped brushes on different kinds of paper, we will also explore wax (crayon/oil pastel) with paint (watercolor) resist. Subject matter will include portrait, still life and landscape.

Patterns, Colors and Shapes (Bayley Wilson) (CCS) In this class we will be looking at the abstract and the conceptual! Students will learn about artists such as Kandinsky and Mondrian, exploring how they used color and shape to make extremely beautiful and very abstract works of art! We will be using many different types of media so students can learn how to manipulate and work with different materials in an abstract way.

Printmaking (Seth Drenner) (CCS) In this class we will learn the basics of typesetting metal and wood type by hand and printing using the Vandercook 4 proof press. Projects will be collaborative and include editions for each student. Other areas that will be covered are color mixing and brayer applications.

Puppet Making (Larry Ashton) (CCS/Westland) In this class, we will create two puppets:

1) Using a simple brown paper lunch bag, we will collage photos from magazines & photos of ourselves to make a talking hand-puppet.

2) Inspired by the puppets of famed Swiss painter, Paul Klee, we will use paper maché & tempera paint on a balloon to make a head that will be attached to a glove body using fabric scraps sewn together.

Reflections (Bayley Wilson) (CCS) Let’s create reflections with this highly interactive project! Inspired by artists such as Picasso and Frida Khalo, students will learn about self-reflection in abstract ways. Using materials that they feel best represent themselves, the children will create their own portraits in multiple mediums and in different forms!

Sand Art and Sand Painting (Bayley Wilson) (CCS/Westland) Making work with sand is a diverse tradition amongst many cultures around the world. Students in this class will look at these different works, and make their own! Each project will be using sand, but we will be using the sand in many different forms based on what we’ve discussed in class that day.

Science Busters (Juan Langarica) (CCS) Ever heard of a skewer being driven through a balloon without popping said balloon? Or creating a cloud inside a bottle? Or how about igniting a piece of cotton using only the pressure around it? This summer we are bringing out the lab coats and safety goggles to put these and many other eye catching experiments to the test! Through unique experiments and dazzling demonstrations children will learn how to explore, question, and test the theories and enjoy the outcome! This summer, we are busting science!

Scrapbooking (Heidi Ware) Westland Bring in personal photos to add to your very own scrapbook. Kids will organize and “fancy up” their pictures with scrapbooking accessories and captions. A timeless keepsake for anyone!

Sewing 101 (Irena West) (CCS) If you like to be creative and love to play with fabric, you will enjoy Sewing 101. If you don’t know how to sew, we will teach you everything you need to know to start sewing. You will learn how to hand sew and how to use the sewing machine. We are going to create simple projects like book covers, pillows, aprons and hats.

Shakes-Prov (Karen Hardcastle) (Westland) This class will use the words and stories of William Shakespeare as a jumping off point for improvisation and theater games. Using text from plays such as A Midsummer Night’s Dream, As You Like It, Macbeth, and Romeo and Juliet, children will play games and create stories and characters of their own inspired by Shakespeare’s plays.

Soccer (Juan Langarica) (CCS) In this class children will be guided to develop new skills and coordination for the soccer field. This fun, non-competitive class will expose the children to the fundamental participation skills as well as the essential footwork, all while being physically active with their peers.

Soccer (Heidi Ware) (Westland) Team games, relays, and drills are the perfect addition to our camp program. Kids will participate in a variety of activities related to your child’s favorite sport.

Storytelling and Drawing Adventure! (Bayley Wilson) (CCS) In this class, students will begin to learn all about visual storytelling. We will talk about the different forms, such as murals and comic books and work on our own pieces as well. After learning about different forms of visual storytelling and different artists, students will create their own visual stories, that will center on “drawing adventure”. We will discuss what our adventures will look like, and how we can create our adventure story just through drawing pictures. Let’s go on an adventure!

Summer Yoga Adventures (Dalida Haytayan) (Westland) Come help us bring the yoga postures alive! We’ll stretch like a dog, balance like a flamingo, breathe like a bunny, or stand strong and tall like a tree. Also, we’ll be diving into inversions and simple balancing poses to help the kids build self-confidence while experiencing the world upside down. Playful breathing exercises, creative imagery and RELAXATION are introduced to give your child these important skills to carry with them into their busy lives.

Theater Games and Improvisation (Karen Hardcastle) (Westland) Children will use their imaginations to work as an ensemble and create characters, tell stories, and play a variety of fun and active theater games. Learn and play some favorite improvisation games such as Statue Shop, Bus Stop, Yes And…, Boppity Boppity Bop and more.

Tennis (Taught by TGA Premier Tennis) (CCS/Westland) Come serve it up with TGA Premier Tennis at Children’s Art Institute. TGA (Teach-Grow-Achieve) has partnered with the United States Tennis Association to create a fun and innovative tennis program for your 5-11-year-old camper. TGA’s curriculum includes games, drills and fitness activities that improve motor skills, agility, hand-eye coordination and over all tennis skills. STEM experiments are also part of the fun! The certified TGA coaching team brings the court to the playground and provides all of the equipment. Our goal is to not only develop our campers’ tennis skills, but to give children the building blocks for future achievement on and off the court!

TumbleKidz (Katy Cryns) (Westland) Want to learn how to do a handstand? Bend over backward in a bridge? Students in TumbKidz will get to learn a wide array of tumbling tricks while becoming more flexible and confident along the way. Each class will begin with a warm-up including split, back, and wrist stretches, and will focus on a certain skill set so that students can learn at their own pace. Let’s have some fun!

Tumbling Time (Rebecca Rogers) (CCS) Tumbling is centered on fundamental acrobatic techniques to increase flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, endurance, and body awareness. This class offers young students the building blocks necessary for their potential development with an emphasis on hand placement and body alignment. Students will learn forward and backward rolls, handstands and much more!

Watercolor/Drawing (Susan Simon) (Westland) We will use watercolors, pastels and pencils to draw pets, animals, still life and objects I set up. We will also go outside and painting plein air style, like that masters did. We will also color and learn from some artists such as Manet, Georgia O’Keefe, Ed Ruscha, Van Gough and more! We will make color wheels, we will design and come up with a band and design the record cover, we will make watercolor flowers, objects, and we will also do self-portraits.

Wizards Chess (Brian Julian) (CCS/Westland) The title “Wizards Chess” is borrowed from the first Harry Potter movie in which the young heroes of the film play a larger than life game of Chess where they “become” the chess pieces and use Algebraic Chess Notation to command their side of the board to victory. In this class, we will quickly learn the Notation which makes Wizards Chess possible. Then we’ll get creative by deciding which piece to play and practice standing perfectly still like a Chess statue before coming to life and moving across the board to seize an enemy piece. The class will culminate in the students playing a life-sized game of Wizards Chess in which they get to act out their pieces’ movement, explore exciting and dramatic ways to capture and be captured, and shout out the words that will transform a board game into real life, “Knight to f3!” *All students should be confident in the basic rules of Chess. This is a perfect follow up class for any children who previously attended Beginners Chess, Chess 2.0, and especially Scholars Chess. * *

Woodworking (Rick Goodwell) (CCS) This class is set up for children who have no experience and may be timid around the tools we use such as a hammers or saws. Projects may be the same as in the Advanced Woodworking class, but campers will have more help for challenging tasks. The goal here is to provide some support and encourage students that might otherwise be intimidated. As always students will be learning how to measure accurately and use squares to make right angles. This summer we will plan to make 2 or more small projects during each session. There will be lots of nailing, gluing, sawing, sanding and painting.


THEATRE CAMP (WESTLAND) This program is taught by Karen Hardcastle. This all day integrated performing and visual arts camp is designed to foster creativity and turn the campers’ ideas into art. As a group, campers will write, rehearse, and perform a play based on ideas and themes that are important to them. A variety of performing and visual arts techniques will be included, depending on the needs of the story that they have created. These techniques may include, but are not limited to, music, dance, stage combat, painting and building sets, designing costumes, or whatever their story dictates.  Camp will culminate in a performance, sharing all they have created at the end of the session.
*Theatre Camp will end on August 4 but the class performance will take place on August 3.